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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming assignment even check out here languages and with the rise of   Node.js (JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine) it has grown in popularity for both front-end as well as back-end web development. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most popular JavaScript frameworks for front-end development. If you master one or more of these frameworks then they will not only increase your productivity but will also help you find better front-end job opportunities as these frameworks are highly sought after by recruiters.

Most Popular JavaScript Framework

1. Angular.js

Angular is one of the most used JavaScript frameworks for building web applications and SPAs (single page apps). Angular is an MVC-type framework and offers two-way data binding between models and views. Angular is used for building both mobile and desktop web applications.


  • Popular among developers
  • Low Cost of first UI version
  • A lot of tools that are perfect for teamwork
  • Good for quick and dirty solutions
  • Better fit for enterprise-grade applications than React
  • Base packages are maintained by Google
  1. React.js

React offers a one-way reactive data flow and advocates building encapsulated components that manage their own state. React can be rendered on the server using Node and can also be used to power mobile apps using React Native.


  • Easier to Scale
  • Predictable states (Cheaper Scale)
  • Good for big front-end projects
  • Relatively small API
  • Constant re-rendering of components provides efficient arranging at increasing complexity.
  1. Ember.js

Ember is an opinionated JavaScript framework which is simple to learn and has good community support. Ember describes itself as a framework for creating ambitious web applications and has Handlebars based templates that update automatically on data changes.

Ember.js focuses on programmer productivity and incorporates common idioms so that the developer doesn’t have to waste time making trivial choices.


  • Active community
  • Constant development of features
  • Very simple to learn
  • Stable performance
  • Ability of self-configuration
  • Two-way data binding
  • Fast speed of load and run
  1. Aurelia.js


  • Neat documentation
  • Structure (Aurelia.js consists of modules that can be used as a full framework or separately
  • Two-way data binding that automatically synchronizes module with user interface
  • High testability of code
  • Various additional tools
  • Commercial support from its creators
5. Meteor.js


  • Quick speed
  •  Good for small and reactive applications
  •  Full-stack
  • Able to render refreshed data right in the browse
  • Integration with Apache Cordova
  • Well Supported
6. Polymer.js


  •  Quick speed
  • Opportunity to create custom elements
  • Provide templating and bi-directional data binding
  • Reduce the gap between developer and designer
  • Good for features-rich application
7. Vue.js


  • Very simple API
  • Allows to sue selective modules
  • Consistently adoptive
  • Easy to integrate with other libraries or existing projects
  • Good for large scale applications


Which one is Best JavaScript Framework?

If you want to make a choice about the best JavaScript framework then that choice would depend on various factors. For example, if you want a framework with good commercial entity’s backing then React or Angular would be a solid choice, however if you want a framework with easy learning curve as well as open community then Vue.js may be the framework for you.


Top 7 Most Popular JavaScript Frameworks in 2018


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